Entry Strategy For India

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Entry into a new market requires a lot of research and in-depth study. We at PMRY, carry out the appropriate research and conducts a comparative analysis of all the available options and suggest the most suitable option and also help out in formulatingthe entry strategy.

Employ People in India without opening a Firm, Branch office or without incorporating company in India.

India is emerged as low cost for providing of IT / ITES related services.

There are following model available to employ people in India.


Incorporate a company or LLP and host People in the entities.

  • Entail of filling Tax returns & ROC returns
  • Payroll Tax’s
  • Other Statutory Compliances


Open a Branch office, Project office, Liaison office and appointemployees in India on the basis of Branch office, Project office, Liaison office.

  • RBI approval is required for Branch office, Project office, Liaison office and there are strict restrictions on conduct Branch office, Project office, Liaison office
  • Payroll Taxes has to paid every month


Find an entity in India to employ people on behalf of foreign Entity and secondment services

  • The entity who employ people on your behalf does all the payroll work required for employee.
  • Generally charge for the above mention service are as following
  » Minimum USD 500$ per month or
  » USD 50$ per employee per month.
Arrow   Whichever is higher